Analyze your Spiio Data

Spiio offers a range of new tools to analyze your data.

  • Data Explorer: A very flexible research tool for superintendents.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Helps keeping track of strategic goals and makes reporting easier than ever.
  • Time-series Heat Maps: Visualize data over time and reach excellence in turf monitoring
  • Big Data Analytics: Make use of our macro data
  • Google API Plugin: A Google sheets Integration to directly export data into google sheets and combine it with other data.
  • API: Integrate your Spiio data with anything

* The Data Explorer and API are premium features available to customers with 20 or more Spiio sensors.

Time-series heat maps
// flexible research tool

Data Explorer

See data trends in time, analyze long-time trends over seasons, compare annual data, compare differences in dry-out patterns between different spots on your golf course. 

Dig into your wet and dry spots and harmonize them with your golf course moisture levels, create performance analyses of how well you hit your optimal thresholds, monitor how well you can balance out environmental influences like precipitation and ET.

// Strategic Goal Tracking and Reporting

Analytics Dashboard Strategic Goal Tracking and Reporting

Superintendents can follow their most interesting findings in the data on a regular basis in a dashboard; standardized reporting for the greens committee, saves time and enables for strategic turf goal monitoring. 

Set and monitor strategic goals for moisture and salinity levels, save money on water and fertilizer application.

// Data time-series

Time-series Heat Map

Visualize heatmap over time, the time-series heatmap is flexible and can be set to visualize from a day of data to a whole year.

Discover, if moisture levels hit a critical threshold at a critical time of the day, follow exactly where and when critical dry-outs happen, benefit from knowledge of areas with high moisture levels, understand where you have the most potential to save water, watch how temperatures and moisture levels change between spring, summer, fall and winter.

// Big Data

Make big data work for you

Make use of our macro data. Fungus in your area? Growing season days? Statewide drought? We can notify you about things happening in your local area.

// Data export in one click

Google Sheets Integration via API Plugin

Download and explore Spiio data API into Google Sheets, no coding needed to explore open API and export data from the app, combine it with third party data, build your own Analytics Dashboard, import data into 3rd party tools.

// Data

Data API

Programmatically interact with your data and integrate to any tool or system. We are continuously establishing partnerships for even more smooth integrations to drones, robots, irrigation, modeling and much more.

Try out the API before you begin your development. We follow todays REST standards with responses in JSON format, to easily get going with your new data integration project.